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Boost Your Health this Winter: It’s Easy to Do with Acupressure

Wintertime brings colds and flus. Bugs spread at school and kids share the “gift” with the whole family.

Have you noticed that when your body works to get healthy your focus, clarity, productivity, and even emotions are affected? That’s no fun for anyone!

To support your immune system and stay well, try these easy self-help acupressure tips. Practicing these poses daily will help everyone—at home and in the classroom.

Hold your upper arms by folding your arms across your chest (to expand breathing and improve energy flow).

Then sit on both hands (to increase vitality and productivity).

You have just done the first two steps of the Daily Clean Your House Flow™, a nine-step self-help acupressure flow.

Deborah Myers, acupressurist and founder of Heath at Your Fingerips™, teaches people of all ages how to use the Daily Clean Your House Flow™ to support good health and well-being.