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Our Organization

Our Vision

At Kid Scoop News, a literacy-for-all non-profit organization in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have a vision—a vision for kids, the kids with whom we share our community and our future, have the same opportunity to succeed in school and in life as we did.

This vision is shared by 90% of Americans*, so we’re not alone.

We know a key to success is being able to read, and read well. Sounds simple but many, many grade schoolers are falling behind in their reading skills.

Reading Statistics—A bigger problem than you might think!

For instance in Alameda County 55% of third graders DO NOT read at third grade level. In Sonoma County it’s 61%. Oakland it’s 74%. Sonoma Valley it’s 77%! This is more than a problem—its a crisis!

These are the kids who are falling behind at the most critical time in their schooling—when they go from learning to read to reading to learn.

product-shotThe Solution is Simple

Give kids things what they want to read in a way that captures their attention and they will read! We’ve seen it. Teachers have told us. It works!

That’s what the Kid Scoop News monthly reader was designed to do! Check out Kid Scoop News.

There’s actually nothing else quite like it. We’ve been giving kids stuff they want to read for the last six years. And we’ve watched kids read and grow and succeed! Check out what they and their teachers say.

2010 (our first year) 2016-17 School Year
150 classrooms 500+ classrooms
5,000 students 25,000 students
One Major Sponsor Hundreds of Supporters
One County Four Counties

Growing Readers Since 2010!

School Budgets Are Strapped

Sadly, our local school budgets are strapped and unable to provide students with the supplementary reading materials to foster more reading for fun–an activity critical to reading achievement.

Community Support is Essential

This is where you come in! People, companies, foundations and service clubs have stepped up to the plate. (If you’re reading this—thank you so much for being one of those reading heroes!)

We count among our major, loyal sponsors Chevron Corporation, Exchange Bank, Sonoma Raceway, Cintas Corporation, The Vadasz Family Foundation, numerous Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions and Soroptomist Clubs and many, many others. See them all on our Sponsor Page.

Our mission is simple—give every child in the Bay Area something he or she really, really wants to read, because the more kids read, the more they will succeed.

Today, requests from teachers waiting for sponsors for their subscriptions to Kid Scoop News now exceeds 700. That’s 300 classrooms more than we can serve now!

Won’t you join our quest?

Please consider sponsoring a child, a classroom or a school with a subscription to Kid Scoop News so every child in the Bay area has a chance to succeed.


Kid Scoop News recognized with a Tier 3 placement in Sonoma County’s Portfolio of Model Upstream Programs