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Teacher Guide

teacher guide

Kid Scoop News provides teachers with a highly motivating standards-based teaching tool to give students a boost in their reading skills. Research shows that when children become good readers in their early years, they are more likely to remain better learners throughout their school years.

Teaching reading is simply lots of fun with Kid Scoop News. And the Kid Scoop News Teacher Guide shows you how to use the monthly activity newspaper page to the utmost.

Common Core Standards
Kid Scoop News helps teachers support Foundational, Vocabulary and Comprehension skills in a fun and interactive way! A dynamic weekly publication, Kid Scoop News presents high interest informational text with colorful illustrations, charts, diagrams and activities that motivate and excite young learners. Thematic topics cover a wide range of interests and multiple content areas while extensions lead children to other sections of the newspaper for more expository reading – informational text resources such as newspapers. Students “learn to read” as they “read to learn” while practicing skills and strategies using an authentic resource.

Classroom Management
How to find time for newspapers and how to structure the use of the newspaper in a way that is organized, clean and stress-free.

A Sample Lesson Plan
A reciprocal reading lesson plan with a sequential process for introducing, teaching with and extending lessons with each page.

Family Involvement
The Kid Scoop News Teacher Guide also provides teachers with home learning activities that get parents and kids talking and teaming up for learning fun!

And, that’s not all!
The Kid Scoop News Teacher Guide also provides a Glossary of newspaper terms, activities to promote vocabulary development, reading comprehension and more!

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