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Teacher Survey

A Summary of Key Findings from 2016-17 Kid Scoop News Teacher Survey

Each year the Kid Scoop News team asks teachers to complete an electronic survey to gauge how well we achieve our goal of getting kids to read more for fun and to increase access to reading materials at home. The following are some key findings from this year’s survey.

Over 90% of teachers agree Kid Scoop News:
✏ Motivates reluctant readers
✏ Is valuable for students with reading disabilities
✏ All children can succeed at reading KSN
✏ Encourages kids to read with their friends/siblings
✏ Reduces the frustration of struggling readers

Over 90% of teachers say these features of Kid Scoop News are important:
✏ Every student gets a personal copy
✏ Allows students to select what interests them
✏ Has practical health and safety tips
✏ Provides important life skills information—like financial literacy!
✏ Is not digital

Interestingly 68% of teachers agree, without Kid Scoop News, kids would read less.

Although the majority felt there were adequate high-interest reading materials in the public library, the school library and in the classroom, 15% of teachers said these resources were limited or very poor.

As to reading materials in the home, only 3% of teachers said every one of their students had sufficient quantities of high-interest, age-appropriate reading materials needed to complete their ‘20-minutes-a-day’ reading requirement.

At the other end of the spectrum, 30% of teachers said fewer than a quarter of their students have sufficient reading materials in their home.

Teacher quotes:

“My students LOVE Kid Scoop! Whenever they see the bundle they get super excited! Their conversations about articles promote good language practice and thoughtful comments. What’s great also is that there is something for every student to read, work on, and enjoy! Thank you!!!”

“Excellent way to provide literature in the home that my students can share.”

“My students and I look forward to our new edition of Kid Scoop News each month! Thank you for providing this rich resource to my students who have limited reading material at their reading level in their homes.”

“Our second graders love the Kid Scoop News. They love to read it together at school and enjoy taking it home to share with their families. Many of my students like to read it to their younger siblings.”

“My students love receiving their very own newspaper. They have a sense of maturity because they can ‘read the paper’ like they see adults do. The topics are engaging and geared to their age level and it makes reading less intimidating. Even struggling readers make attempts to read, because it looks fun. … All in all, Kid Scoop News is one of the best reading sources I have in my class and I love having it in my class every year!”

“Kids enjoy it as reward for finishing work, but as the teacher I know it is a learning tool.”

“My kids love Kid Scoop! It is more exciting than a level reader, because there are so many different articles to choose from.”

“The opportunity for each student to have their own issue is vital. Students have ownership and love to engage in the activities and puzzles. They often take home articles to share with their family.”

“This magazine provides another style of reading that is engaging and fun. It is different from the ‘formal’ guided reading we do, and even more relaxed than ‘free’ reading time. The students are able to find things that are interesting to them.”