Kid Scoop News
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Very valuable classroom local resource. Nothing compares. Students are very excited and motivated to read the interactive format. THANK you sponsors.”

Kid Scoop News encourages reading in so many different ways that it appeals to all my readers whether they like to read or not.”

“It helps me learn.”

“It is such a great way to introduce nonfiction to students. They love it because it still looks fun with all the color and activities to do, but it is engaging them in reading nonfiction which is so hard to do!”

“I think it is cool for kids. I think reading is power and knowledge for your brain.”

“Most of my parents get their news electronically these days—even our Common Core State testing is all done electronically. However, students still need to see the entire article/text on one page. In addition, the ability to highlight and write notes, etc. is necessary for special needs students and emerging readers. My class looks forward to each issue.”

“I think it has a lot of fun stuff to do.”

“There is something in it for everyone. The kids feel as if they are getting mail written just for them. They are encouraged and empowered to take their learning to the next step.”

“I love there’s so much to read and you can do all the acitivities.”

Kid Scoop News provides examples of headlines, captions, titles, and other text features on subjects the kids are interested in reading about.”

“It’s like something for everybody can learn and have fun.”

“Without Kid Scoop News my students will not have a chance to discuss ecology, protecting their environment, about science (oak tree, bees), and history.”

“It’s a fun break from all the above grade level, “Common Core” reading we are now required to do in science and history. Kid Scoop is more accessible to a wider variety of students and allows them to learn content while playing games and puzzles. Kid Scoop reaches a larger variety of learning types than I can each day.”

“I like reading and all the fun activities.”

“I feel supported by the community in my desire to reach all students at all levels of learning. Nothing is better than getting a child excited about learning.”

“It’s awesome because you learn all about the world.”

“It’s a 30 minute block on those mornings we have it where students are truly engaged in what they’re reading … all reading levels. They love the puzzles and art contest. They share stories and their perspective on a particular topic … It’s great to witness!”

“I think you should keep sending them in.”

“My class is always very excited to get their Kid Scoop News … I like that they are interested in reading a variety of materials.”

“I like studying new things.”

Kid Scoop News pulls in reluctant readers of all ages through its graphics and games, and they end up learning all sorts of things while having fun.”

“There is finally fun in a newspaper.”

Kid Scoop News is a great way for students to interact with text that is not from the pages of a book or online. It is engaging and informative of the world outside our classroom.